‘Nerves are the body’s communication system and with over 7000 nerve endings in the feet, it is no wonder that reflexology can be a stimulating, sensory experience’

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural healing art involving the application of pressure to specific points (reflexes) of the feet; these reflexes are believed to correspond to areas and organs of the body. Stimulating or relaxing specific reflexes brings the body back into balance and aids the body’s natural healing ability.

Reflexology works on many different levels:

Reducing tension in the feet and stimulating nerves and circulation

Reducing stress levels, which in turn balances cortisol production

Helping to improve mood, aid sleep & relieve tension

The result is an overall sense of wellbeing

What happens in a reflexology session?

A reflexology session usually lasts an hour. At the beginning of the first session a brief medical history is taken. Once you are comfortable on the couch, the treatment starts with a warm up massage. Following this, pressure is applied to reflex areas on each foot. Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation. Some points may be tender, but by working gently over these, the tenderness will usually diminish. The treatment ends with a foot massage using aromatherapy oils that complement the treatment.

The frequency of follow up appointments depend on the reasons for having reflexology and this is discussed during the first session. For specific issues, it is likely that a course of treatment will be recommended. Reflexology has a cumulative effect and so each treatment builds on the benefits felt from the previous treatment. Maintenance treatments are usually monthly.

Everyone can benefit from reflexology and it is often used as a relaxing treatment to relieve stress and to take time out from our busy lives.

Combining reflexology with herbal medicine can optimise the healing process

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